Feminist Interview Essay

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Feminism is not a popular topic of conversation topic in my family. We’ve debated about LGBT rights, abortion, war, and religion, but somehow, feminism has never come up. I decided to break this cycle by interviewing three generations of Loazers- my grandfather, my father, and my sister. In addition interviewed my maternal grandfather to compare how men of a similar age think about feminism, as well as my friend Jon who is outside of my feminist circle of friends. The first conversation I had was with my sister Lucy, who is 13 years old and goes to a fairly conservative high school. I knew from previous discussions that she is a feminist, but I did not know much about her views beyond that simple fact. When asked to define feminism, she cited the definition Beyonce uses in her 2013 song Flawless, “Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes” and said that many of her friends were first introduced to feminism through that song. I think this supports Rebecca Traister’s argument that pop culture has played a huge part in destigmatizing…show more content…
Clearly, the act of bra-burning was very shocking to have persisted this long in the American memory. Interestingly, according to Carol Hanisch, one of the organizers of the Miss America protest, the media falsely claimed that bras were burned when instead they were symbolically thrown in the trash. She laments that “the media picked up on the bra part”, adding in the myth of the burning, and largely ignored the meaning of the protest (Greenfieldboyce). I wonder, was the conscious-raising of this demonstration significant enough to counterbalance the harmful and lasting stereotype that originated from the demonstration? I find myself agreeing with my father in that a radical act was need to get media coverage, and if bra-burning didn’t become the lasting image, something else would
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