Feminist Liberation Movement

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I wonder why it took such an extended time for women to come up with a feminist spiritual movement in the Church, since it seems like they have been oppressed for so long? Feminist spirituality is a relatively new field that has grown out of the struggle of women for equality in both society and Church (CTM p. 184). Feminist spirituality is an expression of a current theology that has originated in Latin America that emphasizes the theme of liberation from oppression (CTM p. 255). Additionally, I wonder if the Second Vatican Council had something to do with the upbringing of this movement? I also wonder if the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s, provided women with the fearlessness to march for their rights in society and the Church? Feminist…show more content…
Therefore, these events had a great influence in shaping the Catholic feminist movement, and ultimately turning it into a form of spirituality. According to the Mary Joanne Henold, from the University of North Carolina Press, “The Second Vatican Council (1962-65), an inspiring but overtly sexist event that enraged and exhilarated Catholic women in equal measure, as a catalyst of the movement within the church.” ( In other words, it is evidently comprehensible that the Second Vatican Council pushed women to the side, consequently establishing a movement. In addition, I think that women have the right to object their rights within the Church, with the feminist movement, owing to the fact that they have been defined in terms of their sexual, reproductive functions, values or personal possibilities which are determined by biology (CTM p. 185). Ultimately, this makes women feel oppressed and alienated from themselves, which I believe is
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