Feminist Movement

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Women all over the world have been and still are treated as less than men in the social world. There has been improvement in the treatment of women in society which came from the feminist movement. The feminist movement was originally Anglo-women fighting for workplace equality but there came another separation and discrimination between the movement itself as women had not be socially accepted; women of color wanted not only equality in the workplace but had to fight for racial equality in society. It originally focussed on dismantling workplace inequality, such as denial of access to better jobs and salary inequality. The majority was white women wanting to get into the workplace. At the time women were homemakers and men were breadwinners. Women were discriminated against in the workplace and often harassed. This part of the feminist women was mostly for white women. Women of color at the time were fighting for the civil rights movement. Women of color didn’t have rights due to not only their gender but also their skin color. Although the more radical white women in the feminist movement did have outreach programs. They included women in vietnam who were against the war in the that country to build sisterly anti-war solidarity. Each race had a different fight throughout this movement. The movement was successful in bringing forward rape crisis centers, women’s shelters,…show more content…
Black women did not just focus on rights in the workplace but also had to fight for human in rights in the social world. Black women felt as though they were being racially oppressed in the feminist movement which was true. Although the feminist movement was to fight for basic rights they still discluded those of color. Black women were excluded from most public outings so they had to create the Black feminist movement.
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