Feminist Movement : Margaret Atwood And Germaine Greer Essay

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Today when one thinks of feminism many sneer and roll their eyes in displeasure, perhaps remembering the bra-burning, empowered and angry feminists of the mainly 1970’s feminist movement featuring Margaret Atwood and Germaine Greer. It is easy, apparently, to forget that while things are still far from perfect for women there was a time in fact not very long ago when women were denied the most basic human rights. It comes as no surprise that women took to alternative ways of vocalising what everyone desperately tried to quash. Literature and art became vessels for the struggles and opinions of those that society tried so incredibly hard to push back into the kitchen. One of the best ways for women to express their dissatisfaction with the deeply patriarchal and oppressive society that they had been raised within was through art, which severely lacked female historical representation until this point. The USA was a centre-place for this movement but there is no denying the huge feminist presence that emanated from New Zealand. Documented as one of the first female artists in New Zealand to paint from a female perspective, Jacqueline Fahey paints narrative insights into her life, echoing that of many women at the time. She utilized her paintings to not only narrate her daily life but to make radical insights and critiques about the lives of many women, suburban or fellow artists, of the time. Art has evolved in the past few centuries. What was once about exclusive religious

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