Feminist Movement Sociology

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For many decades, the feminist movement has had a negative connotation. But, that was not meant to be the case. In group discussion with college freshmen, Dube (2004), a lecturer in the English department at the University of New Hampshire, discovered a wholly inaccurate assessment of feminism from her students. In their viewpoint, feminists were “bra-burning, hairy-legged, man-hating lesbians constantly looking for sexism where it cannot be found” (p.1). However, this could not be further from the truth. The purpose of modern feminism is not to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. It is not a club that requires exclusivity in the form of gender, religious beliefs, etc. Nor does it demand that its members stomp on others in order…show more content…
The feminist movement has, secondly, made a public call for more cultural representation in the media. Calderón-Douglas, a freelance contributor at Remezcla, identifies the minority community’s never-ending struggle to have their perspectives acknowledged and included in the media as well as in institutions (p. 42). However, more recently, through hard work and determination, the voices of feminists worldwide are finally being heard. From the perspective of a Latin American woman, the author goes on to mention that, now, as she strolls through her Instagram feed, she finds images of “crystal and herb healing…vintage photos of Selena (the late Tejana superstar, not Gomez)…makeup tips and trends from girls with my skin tone…I receive daily affirmations of body positivity...” Calderón-Douglas concludes, “Now my feed is a treasure trove of girls who look like me and a reminder of feminist ideas and histories rarely championed in traditional media” (p. 1). This increase in the representation of multiple cultures and this change in thinking towards diversifying the media is not one that occurred miraculously overnight. Nor does modern feminism propose to somehow be a simple solution to the racism that has been, unfortunately, irreversibly integrated into our society. But it can be argued that without the support of modern feminism, the world may not have even such a transformation at
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