Feminist Movement . Women Are Looked At As Less Than In

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Feminist Movement Women are looked at as less than in today’s society. Women are still minorities in not only the work place, but in government, educational settings, and medically; concerning our reproductive rights. The feminist movement is working towards putting woman on the same level as their male counterparts. Feminism can be described as a political, economic, and cultural movements aimed to create equal rights and legal protection for women. The goal of the feminist movement is to tackle women’s concerns with the issues of gender difference, gender equality with the overall goal advocating for women’s rights and interest. It is interesting and crucial to note that the terms "feminism" and "feminist" did not gain widespread use…show more content…
Second wave feminist encouraged women to understand the different aspects of their personal lives and asked them to politicize the unfair sexist power struggles they were facing. Lastly, the third wave refers to the reaction and continuation of the failures of the second wave of feminism in hope of improving the mistakes made. This wave started in the mid 1980’s. Gender and sexuality is are the central ideas of the third waves focus. Feminist of the third wave challenged the second wave’s idea of what it is good and what is not good for females. Many of these third wave feminist believed that there was no difference between the sexes and preached that gender roles were the effect of social conditioning. The Riot grrrl movement is a powerful movement that stood during the course of the feminist movement. The movement started in the 1990’ and sprang out of Washington DC. It is often closely associated with the third wave of the feminist movement. The movement was centered around the philosophy of punk rock values. Some bands associated with the movement Excuses 17, Free Kitten, Heavens to Betsy, and host others. Riot grrrls took a growling double or triple r, placing it in the word girl as a way to take back the derogatory use of the term. Many would say that the movement encouraged and made "adolescent girls’ standpoints central," allowing them to express themselves fully. Another issue this movement helped to bring to

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