Feminist Sexological Analysis

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The field of sexology is extremely valuable and yet often overlooked and taken for granted. Further, the field of feminist sexology goes unnoticed or is just flat out excluded even more often. This is certainly no indicator of its importance to society, though. Feminist sexology is vital to countering the exclusionist approach of traditional sexology and providing new ways of approaching societal systems and their issues. The poster fair itself was interesting and overall a positive experience in the end. However, working on the project certainly had its ups and downs for my group and proved to be a highly exasperating and frustrating process. Sexology as a field is relatively young, having only been around for less than 200 years, and feminist…show more content…
Due to issues with one of the group members keeping bare minimum contact with us while doing the bare minimum of work, waiting until last minute to tell us he wouldn’t make it to meet with us, and then eventually deciding to drop the class and tell us the day before the poster fair, the project ended up becoming pretty stressful for both myself and for Taylor. However, as much as group projects can be stressful and frustrating and this one was for us, I believe the poster fair project is a productive and positive project for this class because it allows a concentrated mix of ideas and opinions while working on a project and there’s no way to do something like an informational poster fair as an individual project without requiring significantly more time over the semester. As far as how our poster turned out, I feel like ours fell short in appearance, layout, and overall cleanliness. I don’t feel like our design was laid out as well as it could have been, though that is partially because we had originally intended to have another topic of feminist sexology included in the poster which was our third group member’s part – demedicalization of women’s sexuality and sexual problems. That fact also made me feel our poster lacked overall flow and, in some ways, information since having only one issue of feminist sexology seemed like not enough. However, given our circumstances, I am pleased with what we were able to pull off and make work for our poster and I feel that we fell along the line with many of the other posters from the other
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