Feminist Student Culture And The Issues Of Postsecondary Education

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The purpose of this literature review is to synthesize and discuss feminist student culture and the issues in postsecondary education. First, the paper reviews the various definitions and movements surrounding feminism. In addition, the paper analyzes the perspectives of women and men and whether they support or are against feminist student culture. Lastly, the paper discusses recommendations and future research for student affairs professions to maintain feminist student culture in higher education.
Understanding feminism
Feminism in the United States is often separated into three waves (Vaccaro, 2009, Vernet & Butera, 2005). The first wave began during the late 1800s to early 20th century, women began fighting for gender equality, emancipation, and economic rights, which lasted through the woman suffrage movement (Breen & Karpinski, 2008; Vaccaro, 2009; Vernet & Butera, 2005). Dissatisfied with women 's status, women fought for social, economical, and political equality by ratifying the 19th Amendment. However, anti-feminists viewed gender equality as a minor issue and compared women to ‘uncivilized’ populations (Vernet & Butera, 2005). After ratifying the 19th Amendment, the second wave peeked during 1960s to 1970’s social movement. Women wanted control of their bodies, freely chosen maternity, end domestic violence, and equality in a male society (Vernet & Butera, 2005). The gap between the first and second wave was separated by a long hiatus period but inspired campus

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