Feminist Theories Of Female Delinquency

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Feminist Theories of Female Delinquency
There has been a significant increase in the apportionment of women holding jobs after World War II. Reasons for this change include the feminist movement, inflation causing the need for two incomes, and marriage issues. (Conklin, p 145). The feminist movement has fought to help women move away from their traditional roles and obtain economic, educational, and social advancement. (Siegel, Welsh, p 148, 2011). The following will be explaining some history of the feminist movement along with feminist theories and how they differ from other social theories of crime.
Woman’s Movement
It is apparent that the women’s movement has indeed changed the way women look at their roles in society. Numerous studies support the feminist view of gender differences. A Gugenheim Fellow, Rita James Simon, explained that the increase in female criminality is due to their changing roles. She states that women would feel more independent and less oppressed if they were empowered economically and socially. In addition, their new role as the breadwinner might inspire them to feel compelled to engage in traditional crimes by men. (Siegel, Welsh, p 148, 2011).
Liberal Feminists
Liberal feminists believe women are less likely to be delinquent than men because there is less opportunity to commit crimes due to their social role. However, as the roles become analogous to those of men, the crime pattern will follow as women are motivated by the same stimuli…

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