Feminist Theory : A Feminist Perspective

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Based on the texts that we have covered so far, feminist theory is defined as the construction of feminist theoretical discourse which aims to understand and support the nature of gender equality. Unfortunately, “in its early analyses, the focus of much feminist theory was on the characterization of the feminine as less than fully human” (Price and Shildrick 1999, 2). During the Colonial Era, especially, the cult of domesticity was a way for men to control women. Women would stay home and participate in housekeeping responsibilities, while men would go out in the world to work and provide for his household. Feminist theory also includes the formation of the “classic move that identifies the male with the mind and the female with body” (Price and Shildrick 1999, 79). Due to the fact that we live in a male dominant society, women have always felt subordinate to men. As a result, the goal of feminist theory, is to invite individuals who are interested in becoming feminist advocates and are willing to help with the “breaking out of the boundaries of the proper body, of overflowing the sexual categories assigned to women” in today’s world (Price and Shildrick 1999, 80). In today’s society, people tend to visualize and in some case, even alter their bodies in ways that comply with their sexual orientation and accepted notions of femininity and masculinity. Therefore, they use their body images to conform to their cultures or racial ethnic group expectations of how a male or female
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