Feminist Views and Author Connections in The Bean Trees

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Taylor’s character reflects Kingsolver in the way that they both focus on creating a more just society in which women are treated as equals and have the same rights as men. They both share a pride of being female and attempt to better the lifestyles of other women in their societies. Barbara Kingsolver writes novels which focus on social justice and she often writes about situations that are familiar, basing much of her writing on places or experiences that are personal to her. Kingsolver’s early life experiences in Arizona influence the characters, such as Taylor, who are developed in The Bean Trees and she connects these life experiences to the characters to express her feminist views and inform the reader of her concerns on this topic and demonstrates ways through her literature in which people can help solve the societal problems that women face.
Kingsolver uses her literature to express her feelings through her characters, specifically Taylor Greer, who resembles Kingsolver at a young age. Both Kingsolver and Taylor have pride in being women and they want to ensure that women have the same rights as men do. They share these similar social views…

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