Feminist Vs. Postmodern Therapies

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The last two approaches we have covered in class offer some distinct views compared to the other conventional methods we have covered. The approaches that will be discussed in this paper include feminist and postmodern therapies. These two approaches give us insight on a feminist perspective and their struggle for equality, while the other focuses on client exceptions and not dwelling on the past. I felt that postmodern therapies are a real way to give the client not only hope but confidence, by allowing them to see how “ instances of success” or “exceptions” allow them to overcome problems they are having.
Being that I want to work with Veterans in the future, the approached that seemed to have a more significant over the others in this field, would be narrative therapy. Narrative therapy is a strength-based social constructive model that stresses empowerment and the inter subjectivity of the client(Day, 2009, pg. 86). This would be a great approach to use on veterans suffering from this disorder but it also depends on the gravity of their disorder. If a veteran is having severe issues, a more conventional approach might be taken like, cognitive-behavioral therapy or a collaboration of two. In narrative therapy we look for unique outcomes in people life 's that tell us about, life events and narratives that are not consistent with the person 's life story tend to be abandoned(Palgi & Ben-zra, 2010, pg. 8). These events are then used to form a new narrative…
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