Feminsim And Wicc A Spiritual Correlation

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FEMINSIM AND WICCA: A SPIRITUAL CORRELATION Marisa Leonardi Religion, Magic and Witchcraft Professors Palshikar and Mehta May 13, 2016 Introduction Today there are a bounty of religions to choose from, from Christianity to Hinduism, and while some religions have their roots deep into the people’s history, there are some religions that are relatively ‘new’. Wicca, in the United States, is a relatively new religion that has gained popularity in the 1960s/1970s when Raymond and Rosemary Buckland brought it overseas from the United Kingdom . From then on the numbers of the Wicca practice grew, and at the same time as this happened another important social movement was happening: feminism . Is it coincidence that Christian practitioners would turn towards a freer, pagan religion to find their ground and empowerment? Or does the social, feministic movement have a hand in this change? What is Wicca? But first, in order to address this spiritual correlation, it must be addressed what exactly Wicca is, and where it came from. Wicca is the “largest denomination” of Paganism , which in short is one who does not believe in a monotheistic faith, like Christianity , and could be traced back to a man named Gerald Gardner, the so called founder of Wicca. His discontent with Christianity that fueled his ‘creation’ of Wicca . The religion took off from there, branching out and picking up momentum in the United Kingdom, and then was later introduced into the United States by

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