Feminsm Essay

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Hazel Grace
English 263
Professor Phill
April 28, 2014

Prewriting Techniques: I. Brainstorming 1. Feminism 2. Womanism 3. Oppression 4. Women’s rights 5. Double standards 6. Sexual Harassment 7. Domestic abuse II. Questioning 1. Who? Women. 2. What? Feminism and Womanism: their impact on our society. 3. Why? Inequality of rights between genders. 4. Where? In America. 5. When? Past centuries, current century. 6. How? Male-dominating nation. III. Scratch outline IV. Thesis: A. Introduction:
Feminism is a movement that advocates for Women’s rights in a society dominated primarily by men. Feminism arises from the inequality of gender and power; feminist activists
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No matter what she did he would start a fight, and it came to a point where she stopped caring and started talking back, but this only got the man even more furious and aggressive.“He kicked me while I was down on the floor. I was no better than a dog. That’s when I snapped.” (Anonima 502) This last time was the turning point of the relationship. After two long years of domestic violence she finally snapped out of the vicious circle she was in; she decided to put an end to the abuse of this man and escaped from him. This story shows how violence exists in all kinds of homes. Even the most prepared and professional women in our society can become victims of domestic violence just like Anonima who was a teacher did. C. 2nd body paragraph:
“With No Immediate Cause” by Ntozake Shage is a poem that has a strong connection to the previous story, “La princesa”. The objective of the author of this poem is to catch the absolute and complete attention of the reader. She wants the reader to realize the big issues that females face every day, at all moments and that many times happen in front of our eyes but we don’t notice simply because we don’t believe horrible things like these occur around us and as frequently. “I bought a paper from a man who might have held his old lady onto a hot pressing iron/I don’t know maybe he catches lil girls in the park & rips open their
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