Femme Fatale : An Overview

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Femme fatale. Every culture has a mystical femme fatale that is known for being beautiful, enticing and deadly. A female being that has the ability to entice a man with the intent to destroy his very being. The Mermaids, Nymphs, Undines and Sirens, these beautiful and deadly creatures are known all over the world. The alluring charms of these creatures are legendary and have been known globally for centuries. The femme fatale is known for being able to charm and lure wayward men for safety into an out of element location. These men have been away from the company of women or just wanting the female company. The idea of a beautiful and seductive female looking for carnal pleasure is usually desired when a person is in need of physical and…show more content…
Out of all of the mythological femme fatal of legend, the mermaid is the most commonly used in the pop culture of modern times.

Nymphs were a minor Greek deity that was known for their sensuality and great beauty. These strikingly beautiful ladies were often associated with specific landmarks. These insatiable young maidens were known for being sexually adventurous and loved to dance and sing. Their willingness to explore more sexual options in comparison to the chaste and moral wives, who would not participate in such debauchery. Known for their inability to age or die of illness, nymphs were only able to be destroyed in certain circumstances. However, this knowledge was not given to the humans by the gods. These eternally beautiful girls were thought to be known to particular lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests.The legends were said that these divine creatures could lay with the Gods and give birth to demi-gods. In some stories, the nymphs were daughters of Aphrodite and human males. But all these different stories have common factors, beautiful, young and ravenous sexual appetites. The nymph also appeared as a goddess in the Roman myths under the name, Lymphade. She has known as a water goddess and the site of her caused sheer madness. Nymphs in all forms could create the obsession, insanity and other forms of mental struggle to their suitors, making all who came into contact even visually with any of these ladies. In fact, a

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