Fences : Fences By August Wilson

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Name: Alejandro Ahmed
Date: 12/6/16
Unit: American Drama
Title: Fences
Author: August Wilson
Year of Publication: 1986
Fences Study Guide
i. Overview: “Fences”, was a play written by August Wilson in 1986. The play communicates the story of the son of an unsuccessful sharecropper, Troy Maxson, who has lived most of his life independently due to his father’s abuse during his childhood. The play focuses on Troy’s interactions and conflicts with other characters, and the complicated relationships he has with members of his family through these conflicts.

ii. Structure: The play is organized into two parts and a short introduction including the setting of the story. The play occurs in the present and proceeds chronically.

iii. Character List:
• Troy- an old sanitation worker, who is the father of Lyons and Cory. He is married to Rose.
• Rose- Troy’s wife. She often stays at home to do work around the household and is the mother of Cory.
• Lyons- Troy’s eldest son from a prior marriage, who aims to become a musician, who relies on Troy economically.
• Cory- Troy and Rose’s son who aims for a career in football and neglects other obligations for the sake of pursuing the game.
• Bono- Troy’s best friend, whom he met in prison and later on came to work in the same sanitation department as him.
• Gabe- Troy’s partially mentally disabled brother, who became injured in World War II, who believes himself to be the Archangel Gabriel from Christian religion.
• Raynell-

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