Fences Is A Play Written By August Wilson In 1983.The Play

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Fences is a play written by August Wilson in 1983. The play investigates the evolving African- American experience and looks at race-relations, among many other themes. The main character of the play is Troy Maxson, a 52-year-old who struggled to satisfy his family need. Troy has had his dreams taken from him. He wanted more than anything to be a pro baseball player, but his career was stopped because of racial discrimination, which, lead to a misconception between Troy and his son. In this paper, I will focus on explaining the importance of Troy’s family in the play. Later on I will mention the impact of baseball in Troy’s life, and finally, I will explain the meaning of the symbolism of the tittle Fences. Throughout the play,…show more content…
Not ‘cause I like you! Cause it’s my duty to take care of you” (Letzler, 2014). Troy relationship with Cory is degrading because he does not want his son to be like him. In fact, Cory is similar to Troy in a way that he wants to play Football just as his father once did. However, Troy does not allow him to follow his path, he does not want him to get hurt as he was when he was refused to play in the division league. This situation leads them to misunderstand each other and create a tension between the two. The play comes to a climax when tensions explode between Troy and Cory and the two go at each other with a baseball bat. Though Troy wins the fight, he loses his son forever. All the expectations he feels from others, especially his children, reminds Troy of his own father. His father was an emotionally distant man who Troy didn’t think cared for him. Troy action and intention was to protect his son, but instead, he ends up pushing his child away.
Why would Troy prevent Cory to play Football in the first place? Well, the reason is that Troy was once a great baseball player, but his dream of playing in league division was taken away from him. To be clear, his race prevents him to get where he wanted to be; and now he believes that black athletes have no chance to succeed. He said to Cory“" the white man ain 't gonna let you get nowhere with that football noway “ (Letzler,2014). He warned his son of what would happen, trying hardly to protect
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