Fences by August Wilson

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Fences, written by August Wilson, is a play about a man, named Troy, struggling to support his family during the late 1950’s. In this play, we see that Troy hurts the people closest to him. He has been uncaring towards his wife, Rose, his brother Gabriel and his son, Cory. This is because Troy had nothing to go on but the harsh example set by his father. In Fences, Troy has felt like he has been fenced in all of his life, which causes him to fence others in. Troy has felt fenced in all of his life for several reasons. First, he had to deal with a cruel and abusive father. Troy tells us a story from when he was fourteen, “My daddy was looking for me. We down there by the creek enjoying ourselves when my daddy come up on us. Surprised us. He had them leather straps off the mule and commenced to whupping on me . . . quite naturally I run to get out of the way”(52). After the beating, Troy’s father also raped the girl that Troy deeply cared for. Troy was afraid of his father until that moment. However, at that moment, Troy believes he became a man. Troy said, “I picked up them same reins that he used on me. I picked up them same reins and commenced to whupping on him”(52). The abuse of his father caused Roy to become a responsible, independent man. After Roy stood up for himself, he left home and went to the city. Roy also felt fenced in in the city. Colored people couldn’t get a job or find a place to live. Roy ended up living in shacks made up of sticks and tarpaper under a
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