Fences by August Wilson

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In the book Fences, a man named Troy has a very interesting relationship with his sons. Troy puts his personal interests in front of his own son’s dream which causes conflict between Troy’s sons and himself. Although Troy does not raise his sons well, it is not completely all his fault. Troys conflicts stem from his relationship with his father when he was a kid, even though he tried to get away from his father by leaving home at a young age. Troy looks down on the way his father acted, but Troy still follows in his footsteps when it comes to raising his sons, making Troy a hypocrite. When Troy states, "Sometimes I wish I hadn't known my daddy. He ain't cared nothing about no kids."(50). When Troy states this, he completely self-contradicts the way he raised Corey and Lyons. Just like Troy and his mother left his father because of his actions, Corey and Rose end up leaving Troy. Troy is not willing to let Corey live the life he dreams of, causing a very tense relationship. Corey and Troy's relationship is very bitter and tense, caused primarily by the past experiences of Troy's life. Troy blames racism for crushing his dreams and He cannot seem to let go of the past. So, when Corey follows Troy's footsteps in sports, Troy is unwilling to let Corey do what he could not. It is easy to see that Troy is both jealous and protective of Corey, not wanting him to get let down that his race gets in the way…

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