Fensive Realist, John Mearsheimer, A Man Many Ir Majors And Theorists Essay

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Two authors agree, and one, the offensive realist John Mearsheimer, a man many IR majors and theorists have grown to know and love, continues to maintain his position. Mearsheimer’s next book should be called, Mutually Assured Destruction by John Mearsheimer. His Offensive Realist perspective creates a “gloomy forecast” that he wishes to refute for the Chinese-American great power debate. With this book being published in 2001 and the most updated copy in April 2014, it is probably very interesting to read the first edition of this book in comparison to the most update version. However that being said Mearsheimer’s initial arguments of the chapter assigned, has proven to be true. Recently assigned, was an article on the current situation in the South China Sea. An imperative region specifically for the U.S and home to one of the busiest shipping lanes in the World, Mearsheimer discusses in depth the Chinese position in this region. Mearsheimer gives an extensive synopsis of his core elements of IR theory, but his main argument which all three theorists seem to agree on is the American resemblance of China’s geo-political strategy. While Ikenberry and Glaser, focus on international diplomacy that must be taken to prevent major war and the dismal likelihood of a great power war between these to powers. As more knowledge is gained on this topic, it is extremely difficult, as a student to truly understand what will actually happen in the future for China and the United States.

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