Fenway Park Essays

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Some things on this earth are just magical. To some it may be the beach at sunset, to others it may be as simple as the drive to work in the morning. For me that place is Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. Going to a game in Fenway is a smorgasbord of delightful feelings. Even the walk up to the ballpark is some thing to behold. Walking with hundreds of passionate fans, all decked out in their red sox T-shirts, jerseys, and of coarse that iconic navy hat with the red B on it. I feel like I belong there with this organized group of strangers. There is such a since of family as I see people from the “T” car I was on and chatted with. A few hundred yards ahead I could hear a “Lets Go Red Sox” chant as people around me began to join in…show more content…
I look down a gated alley that reads “players and coaches only” and I think If I was just there twenty minutes earlier I would have gotten a glimpse or even a word in with one of my favorite players. As I drift back in to reality I see several long lines at gate A this was unusual but my spirits were to high to be broken. As I slide into what looks like the shortest line my Uncle Geno grabs me and says, “let’s go” so my dad and I follow him. I was curious where we could be going and I really didn’t want to have to step out of line but I knew geno had something up his sleeve for us. Geno leads us around the perimeter of the park and to gate D. There was almost no line at this gate so we slide in easily. Geno had done it again, always the go to guy on street knowledge and somehow he knew everyone. When we make our way past countless vendor to the tunnel the crowd roars. As I step through the tunnel into the light the glare of the setting July sun hits me. When my eyes finally readjust to the light I look around and almost have trouble with my depth perception because of how big and crowded Fenway is. As we begin our treck to our seats we pass countless passionate fans I look to the scoreboard, the giant Budweiser neon sign, and to the enormous coke bottle and marvel at their size. Then
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