Ferdinand Marcos : A Dictator, Fraud, Plunderer, And A Deceitful Man

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Jared Gatchalian COMM 100W-04 spring 2015 Fact Paper Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos Many government officials despised Ferdinand Marcos because they consider him as a dictator, fraud, plunderer, and a deceitful man. He served as the president of the Philippines for two decades, and he was labeled as an autocratic ruler. Some senators and other bureaucrats believed that he had nothing to do with World War II. In addition, his terms as a president were considered epitomes of a corrupt government. He was also accused as the person behind the assassination of the former senator of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino Junior. All these accusations provided by the mass media in the country resulted to protests from many Filipinos and it also lead to the downfall of the late president. A lot of Filipinos have forgotten all the achievements and projects accomplished by Marcos for his country and just focused on the bad things that he was accused of. Ferdinand Marcos was an officer of the Philippine Armed Forces during World War II. Countless officials believed that he did nothing and said “he actually played little or no part in anti-Japanese activities during World War II” (Bio). Several government officials were questioning Marcos’ war exploits. Batongbakal stated that he was the hero of the Battle of Bessang Pass during the war, earning a total of 33 medals and awards throughout his career. At that time, Marcos had a reputation as the greatest Filipino resistance leader of World

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