Ferguson Alternate Outcome

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Alternate Outcome If Ferguson took advantage of the terrain and used the natural resources to build wooden barricades, it would have been more difficult for the Patriots to overrun their encampment. It would have forced Campbell’s men to come out from the covers of trees and rocks to advance on Ferguson’s position. Had Ferguson known more about how the mountain men felt about the war, Ferguson would have been right to dismiss them as a threat. These mountain men would have probably stayed home with their families, and maybe only few would have joined the rebellion. Ferguson probably would have marched on to meet Cornwallis at Charlotte and the battle avoided. On the other hand, if the rain did not occur the night before, Campbell probably would have lost the element of surprise. In fact, the dusts produced by the horses would have been visible from miles from Ferguson’s vantage point on top of the mountain. It would have given Ferguson time to change his…show more content…
suffered the same issues during the 2003 Iraq War and made the same mistakes the British made in the American Revolutionary war. The U.S. failed to allocate the proper number of troop strength. The lack of control of the civilian population and the mistakes the U.S. made in Abu Ghraib became the rally cry for the insurgents. (Montanus, 2005) The United States initially losing the hearts and minds of the populous and as a result there were more Iraqis supporting the efforts against the United States. The difference between the U.S. now and the British 200 years ago, the U.S. adapted and formed a strategy to help the local populace. The U.S. opened dialogues with the Tribes to resolve conflicts and issues in order to win their support for the war. The U.S. assisted the Iraqi’s create a democratic government, provided logistic support and training of the country’s security forces, and resulted in stabilizing the country. (Montanus, 2005) The U.S. established a Counter-Insurgency
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