Ferguson Company: Performance Analysis

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Company profile The Ferguson Company is a well reputed company that has had leading productivities in credit functions. Not only has it been credited in credit functions, it also has other business that it conducts through its KOBs. These businesses are plumbing, HVAC, Waterworks, Fire and Fab, PVC/Mechanical and Industrial among others. The company is currently led by a CEO, Mr. John Stegeman. The protocol that follows thereafter is the Vice President of Credit Management, Mr. John Culbert, Regional Credit Managers, Branch Credit Managers and the local credit officer. The organization is guided by a motivational statement in providing the best credit facilities to its customers; "to be the company of choice, servicing industry pros in a better-quality manner giving clienteles no reason to shop at any other place". Despite Ferguson's efforts in improving credit management, it has experienced adverse gaps that pull it down in being rated as the best. Performance Gaps Ferguson's performance gaps have been analyzed from its quest of achieving its goals. The main goal that the company's organizational structure wished to achieve is to perk up overall efficiency and to maintain customer service at high profiled levels. Attainment of this goal in the company is attributed to the efforts in performance from the workforce. However, the efforts are suppressed by breeches and, therefore, making it difficult to reaching its goals. The main disparity is consolidation of credit
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