Ferguson Rifle Book Review Summary

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Book Review
1st Semester

Section 1: The book I read, The Ferguson Rifle, was written by Louis L’Amour. This book is in a Western form and is full of suspense. I really enjoy reading books by Louis L’Amour, because they are full of action, and there’s never a dull moment. I have read a few of his other books before reading The Ferguson Rifle; however, this book amazed me and was a very good book to read. One reason I love reading books by Louis L’Amour is the way he uses imagery and makes you feel as if you are inside the book. When I read this book, I got a sense of urgency and excitement because the way he used Western dialect and imagery made me feel as if I went back in time and was the Hero that came out on top in this story. Like
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The tribe is unsuccessful and doesn’t kill any of the members of the lot, and the Indians run off. Following this, Captain Fernandez rides up to the men’s fire where he tries arresting the Indians, saying they were on his land, and he’s going to take them all into custody. Fernandez is forcefully persuaded to leave, and following this, the Ute Indians attack. Again, Chantry’s lot is victorious and the Ute Indians flee. After the second attack, the lot rides on, feeling as if they are being followed. Chantry goes to scout the trouble and finds that five men are trailing them. Chantry and the five men converse, and he runs the followers off without any trouble or bloodshed. While doing this, he finds a man who had been murdered, along with his two missing companions. The missing companions, Lucinda and Jorge, join the lot again that night, and while sleeping, Lucinda’s uncle tries to kill her. The reason Lucinda’s uncle is following the lot is because he knows of treasure and wants to find the treasure before Ronan’s lot does. One day he tries to take Lucinda with him and ride into camp; however, he is unable to persuade the men to let her go.

Since Rafen was after them, their lot becomes constantly on the run. One day while they are on the run, Bob Sandy was trailing behind, and he finds himself surrounded by men with guns. When Chantry went back to find him, a gun battle took place, and both Chantry and Bob escape.
Section 5: There was a

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