Fermentation Is A Natural Process

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Fermentation is a natural process. Meaning that it has always been constantly happening whether we are aware or not. When it comes to fermented foods, it speaks on a fermentation process that has been manipulated for centuries by mankind. Humans have taken this pure process and used it as a way to preserve flavors, and create exciting new flavors. There are the common foods that many are aware of that undergo fermentation including bread, yogurt, wine, and beer. But the new trend in the fermentation of foods focuses on vegetables and fruits like sauerkraut, pickles, and Kombucha. What happens is these vegetables are soaked in salt water (or their own juice). Doing this allows for the growth of bacteria, which in turn eat the vegetable sugars, and produce lactic acid. This acid produces a product that has a sour, tart, or funky taste which all depend on the pH levels at the end of the process and the palate of the person consuming the product. When the pH levels drop the lactic acid levels go up, which cause the bad bacteria to die off, because they cannot survive acidic conditions. While all of this happens the tart flavors begin to emerge.[1] This fermentation of fruits and vegetables has allowed many new products to appear on the market. One of these products has been a food item called kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional food, in the Korean culture, of fermented vegetables which is often cabbage. It has an acquired taste that is very pungent, and vibrant. Other vegetables

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