Fernando, A Mexican-American Male Who Was Born In Los Angeles,

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Fernando, a Mexican-American male who was born in Los Angeles, California. He is 26 years old and currently in an exclusive relationship. Furthermore, he is a senior Mechanical Engineer major in University of California, Irvine. Fernando has been having Acrophobia, a phobia of height, for almost seven years, and every time he participates in any activities which involving climbing or elevating to a high place, he becomes anxious and fearful of the height which results him in incapability of accomplishing the activities. When Fernando experienced the fear of height for the first time, he was taking an airplane to Tijuana, Mexico alone. His first separation from his mother and siblings caused him distress and pain which amplified his…show more content…
His 18 years of life crossed his eyes instantly. He started to become nervous and insecure gradually as the airplane was elevating in the air, and he was afraid that the airplane might drop. He could hear the wheels rolling on the ground loudly and it was unpleasant to him. Fernando’s body was reacting. He felt compressed in his chest that his lung was too large for his chest, so he had trouble of breathing, and his heart was pounding rapidly against his rib cage. During the trip, the airplane met a turbulence, so he began to feel more anxious and fearful. He felt that everything in his body wanted to leave him. His blood pressure increased, so he became agitated. Soon he started to feel dizzy and light headed. He was about to lose control of his body; therefore, he grabbed the seat handles tightly and pressed his feet intensely against the floor to prevent his body from shaking. Meanwhile, he was being extremely quiet, and all he heard were the turbulence, his heart beat and heavy breathing. As Fernando described, the ocean view out of the window was beautiful, yet he could not enjoy looking at it at all. While Fernando felt fearful and anxious of the turbulence, he thought the airplane was about to drop and crash. He thought about the possibilities if he was going to die because of the

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