Ferrero Rocher Case Study

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Ferrero Rocher is an Italian based confectionary company known for its high quality and uniqueness. The history of the company dates back to 1946 in Alba, Italy where Pietro Ferrero created a confectionary out of 50% hazelnut and 50% cacao beans. The ferrero chocolates were an instant hit in the market and the creamy spread Nutella introduced by Pietro’s son Michele took the company to great new heights. Even decades after the company was founded the company structure is still based on solid family values.

Ferrero Rocher currently holds
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Thus, by providing a personalised relationship ferrero increases its brand loyalty among its consumers.

Also the time taken is very less as compared to conventional shopping hence this serves as a boon to those who are time crunched. In today’s fast moving world the online boutique offers a great platform for a time saving shopping experience yet the gift received is something wonderful. Bulk and corporate gifting also becomes much simpler as shopping can be done within minutes.

Looking at the marketing environment pertaining to Ferrero’s Online Boutique

Microenvironment is the factors that directly influence/get influenced by the company forming the inner circle of the company. Taking a look at some of the Microenvironment factors, 1. Strong Company background

2. Reliable and secure supply chain

3. Good customer base

Macroenvironment are the external factors that affect/shape the company. Macroenvironment cannot be controlled by the company. Taking a look at some of the macroenvironment factors, 1. Demographics: The 2011 Census shows a rise of over 10% growth in the last 5 years especially in Urban areas (Australian Statistics, 2010).

2. Economic Environment: The Australian economy shows a rise in consumer price index by 1.2% against last year showing increase in affordability (Australian

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