Essay about Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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Ferris Bueller is The New Batman Ferris Bueller is the type of kid who is always testing his limits during times he should not be. He knows exactly who he can pick on, it just so happens that the vice principal of his school, Mr. Rooney, is one of those people. On this particular skip day, Rooney, is on to him and his phony illness. Ferris had it made; out of school for the day with his best friend, Cameron, but that was not enough, he wanted more. He wanted Sloane. Ferris, being the sly genius that he is, devised a plan to make that happen. Moments later, Mr. Rooney receives a phone call (from who he believes to be Ferris impersonating Sloane’s father). While he is in the middle of threatening this man on the phone, he receives a call …show more content…
Whether he is doing something as innocent as cutting class, or something as severe as claiming to be someone that he is not at the nicest restaurant in town, he always finds a way out. He is always pushing Cameron to live a little. While Cameron wants to sit in his room and complain about how sick he is, Ferris convinces him to come over and hit the town. In this respect, Ferris is very relatable to Bruce Wayne (Batman). They are both constantly pushing their admirers to be all that they can be. Just like Wayne is a mentor to John Blake (Robin), Ferris is a role model to Cameron. Although Ferris and Wayne are different in the way they handle situations (Ferris being mentally strong and Batman being physically strong), they are very similar in their willingness to give or help others, in a sense.
Another similarity between Ferris and Batman is the fact that they both have a kind of second identity. When Batman is not out saving the world from the latest villain, he is Bruce Wayne. Wayne is a billionaire genius who requires a crutch to walk around. Ferris does not have as distinct of an alter ego, but he definitely acts different around various people. Around his parents, Ferris is an innocent little boy who is quite ill. They believed he could never hurt a fly. Around Cameron, Ferris is typically more spontaneous, because he feels he has to make up for what Cameron lacks.
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