Fertility Treatment Research Paper

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Using Fertility Treatments as a Solution to Infertility Making big choices in life can be difficult, especially if that big choice is having children. There are many men and women who are infertile that still want to have children. Most decide to adopt other children who do not have families or their families do not want them. But when adoption is not an option, there is now a way where those men and women can have their own children together through fertility treatments. Fertility treatments could be a good thing:being able to freeze egg and sperm, they can help infertile couples, and avoiding transmitted diseases would be easier.

Egg Freezing The more popular and developing method of treatment is egg freezing. During this procedure they take an embryo and freeze it for a month before they place it in a uterus to be later fertilized (Maher). This method was first used for cancer patients. Cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, can damage the ovaries and make it almost impossible for chemo patients to reproduce. Doctors do this procedure by taking an ovary, from the patient before they start their cancer treatments, and slicing it into strips before they freeze it (Though Experimental, Ovarian Tissue Transplants Can Help Some Women Have Children)(see figure 1).
Dr. Claus Yding Andersen, an ovarian
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Embryonic tissue that was removed is first tested for genetic abnormalities. This is done so that the healthiest embryos are frozen and implanted. Dr. Timothy Yeko, a medical director of the assisted reproductive technology program at the Reproductive Medicine Group in Tampa, talked about the genetic testing, “ Most of our patients now choose to have this genetic testing, which has come into widespread use in the past year or so. By doing this , the miscarriage rate has dropped by 50 percent because the genetically abnormal embryos are the ones that end in miscarriage.”
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