Festivals as Ways to Learn About Faith Essay

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Festivals as Ways to Learn About Faith Pesach is the biggest of the three pilgrim festivals, along with Sukkot and Shavuot and these all commemorate the period in history that the Jews pilgrimed from Egypt to the Promised Land of Israel.

The first day of Passover is the same day as the commemoration of the destruction of the temple and this is insisted by the Talmud.

The symbolism of the name Passover reminds Jews of the tenth plague, the killing of the first born to the Egyptian families, when the Jews were instructed to put sheep's blood on their homes to identify their homes to God so he could Passover and know to not kill the first
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The new Pharaoh's council was called about the situation with the Israelites and they gave him strong advice to enslave the children of Israel so he could gain total control over this foreign race who were becoming too powerful in a land where they were not wanted. Pharaoh limited the freedom of the Hebrews and laid heavy taxes upon them. He then recruited their men into forced labour, slavery, under the supervision of harsh taskmasters.

The children of Israel were now forced to build cities, erect monuments, construct roads, work in the quarries, and hew stones or make bricks and tiles. However, the more the Egyptians oppressed them, and the harder the restrictions imposed upon them became, the more the children of Israel multiplied. Finally, when King Pharaoh saw that forcing the Hebrews to do hard work did not succeed in suppressing their rapidly growing numbers, he ordered that all newly born male children of the Hebrews to be killed, the midwives disobeyed and so they were made to throw the child into the Nile river. Only daughters were allowed to live.

The Pharaoh grew paranoid, after being told by his personal astrologers, that a new leader of Egypt was to be born from an Israelite. This was taken as a strong danger to the
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