Fetal Alcohol Syndrome And The Future Generation

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FAS better known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be prevented in any case. Women who openly drink alcohol or take drugs while knowing they are pregnant should in fact be found as a criminal. A law was put into effect this previous July in Tennessee stating that in the case you took drugs or drank while pregnant, you will be charged as a criminal and will be thrown into jail. Merrill Miller (2014) wrote the article What Are Mothers to Do? How a New Tennessee Law Criminalizes Pregnancy and Promotes Religion. This article further explains the law of criminalizing women who openly use drugs including alcohol while pregnant. This law was put into effect to show how narcotics are becoming an issue and our future generation is now paying for it. Tennessee decided to put up a law trying to protect tax payers and the future generation from facing issues with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. A case was showed where a 26 year old woman Mallory Loyola was the first charged with this law after traces of methamphetamine were found in her urine shortly after having her child. She was arrested and thrown in jail not ever spending a day with her new born baby. Fetal Alcohol syndrome is not the only thing women have to worry about while on drugs. If they let Mallory go home with her child while on meth, it could easily affect the home life and still destroy the child 's life without it being in their system. Case studies also shown by (Miller, 2014) is even though a women is charged with assaulting…

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