Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a mental and physical birth defect. It occurs when a pregnant women consumes high levels of alcohol during her pregnancy. The effects of FAS can be traumatic in some cases, and in others children were slightly affected by exposure to alcohol. FAS has a wide range of effects on the fetus and infant, retarded growth, under developed facial features, slow cognitive development, and many more. The evidence of cases is overwhelming, yet in some societies it is still an on-going problem. I am going to cover the effects of FAS during the lifespan. 1. Infancy The effects of FAS have a wide range of defects on infancy, damaged neurons, brain structure, heart and lung development is affected in a lot of cases. There…show more content…
In this span of time the effects of FAS are many different patterns of behavior. Including, lack of reasoning skills, do not learn from mistakes very often, irrational behavior, and no cause and effect thinking skills. Marks older brother James is 31 months old. Though the two of them showed many of the same behaviors and symptoms of FAS, James was older and had an entirely different attitude and problems. He also showed no language development, but did not show evidence of emotional reactions. Also he did not respond well to social approaches from children or adults. He had horrible sleeping habits, often waking up in the middle of the night and wondering around and playing with toys in the dark. Another problem he had was he would not eat at the table, also would eat food out of the trash and off dirty plates. At the same check-up that Mark had, James also showed dramatic improvement. Though small for his age, he tested at an IQ of 75. Very high for someone in the condition he was one year ago. He was potty-trained, all sleeping issues were seemingly gone, food patterns were normal. As they get older they are developing conduct issues at school. (Stratton pages 56-58) 3. Adolescence The amount of research pointing out the severe effects of FAS on the adolescent life is overwhelming. Social anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, and many other problems are associated with FAS and the adolescent brain. I am going to

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