Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Genetic and Reproductive Sciences Abstract This paper is based on genetic and reproductive science and their benefits and limitations regarding individuals, families, and society. The paper covers the screening and treatment for diabetes and what methods are used to prevent it development. The paper also contains information regarding In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and its benefits for individuals and families. The use stems cells and its advantages and disadvantages are also mentioned. Analyze the benefits and limitations of genetic and reproductive sciences for individuals, families, and society. The benefit of genetic science for individuals is that it can determine if the person has a possible genetic disorder and give them…show more content…
The limitations of genetic science for families are the misinterpretation of the results and information regarding testing. Most people do not understand the results which can result in the assumption that either their test came back negative when it did not, or that is came back positive when it did not. Another limitation to genetic testing is the psychosocial affect the results can have on families, which can cause high levels of anxiety and deteriorate relationships and families (Sparbel & Tluczek, 2011). The benefits of genetic science for society is for employers who want to know if their employers are in excellent working condition and if the worker will cause them more money when obtaining health insurance. If an employer hires someone that that is healthy then the cost of health insurance does not rise and the employee will not have to downgrade their health insurance plan so that they can accommodate the employee that is not healthy. The limitations of genetic science for society are the possibility of genetic testing causing safety issues at work, the development of a genetic low class, the breach of privilege and confidentiality, and the utilization of genetic bias to excuse different methods of discrimination (Krumm, 2002). The benefits of reproductive science for individuals, such as single women and lesbian couples, are that it increases the chances of them becoming parents and with the use of a sperm donor in

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