Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention Essay

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention: Creating Health Literacy Awareness About the Effects of Alcohol to the Unborn Child Alcohol consumption among pregnant women is a growing problem not only in the U.S. but also to the rest of the world. Billions are spent treating birth defects and other symptoms related to prenatal alcohol drinking. Statistics done shows that treatment of the disorder costs the U.S. 6 billion dollars annually (Burd & Hardwood, 2004); adjust that to the current inflation rate and it could be as high as 8 million dollars. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Community Resource Center came up with $5.4 million dollars as the estimated expected lifetime costs for one child with FAS disorder in 2003. This includes direct cost…show more content…
On this list, FAS is the only disorder that is completely preventable if a pregnant woman refrains from drinking alcohol (Boulter, 2007), thus, the government can save billions of dollars if we can educate and make pregnant women be fully aware about the effects of alcohol to their unborn baby, and stop them from drinking alcohol. Creating health literacy awareness about the effects of alcohol on the fetus is a daunting task. The challenge facing public health workers and educators lies in counteracting the effects of advertising to the public We live in an information overloaded society and we get bombarded with information everywhere; through commercial print, radio, Television, or even the Internet all compete for their fair share of the market with the “aim(ed) [to] of increase[e]ing brand awareness, brand loyalty, product demand, and consumer goods consumption.” Alcohol is one of these consumer goods advertised heavily. It is hard to compete with these giant alcohol corporations who can pour in millions of their dollars and try to portray a positive alcohol image that can be seen by every household that has Television. Counteracting the negative effects of advertising can be accomplished by a thorough educational campaigns geared to the public. By public, I mean

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