Fetishism Essay

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Fetishism      Fetishism is a perversion that is found, primarily in men, in which genital discharge is impossible without the presence of their fetish. A fetish, however can be a variety of things, yet there are three basic types of fetishes: an inanimate object (e.g. women's clothing, shoes, gloves, underwear), a part of the human body (e.g. foot, hand, hair, legs, breasts), or something odd such as, leather, rubber, the touch of velvet. Some fetishes, as observed by Freud, may not even be visible to the other person at all. In one case a patient of Freud was obsessed with the shine on the noses of the women he was attracted to. With regards to specific fetishes such as that the fetishist usually needs to look…show more content…
"I have suffered a great deal of anxiety during my visits to public places where it is easy to watch women's shoes and legs. In addition to the guilt I feel, there is the danger of detection. Plainclothesmen have haunted me more than once, and I have been questioned on suspicion of loitering."      Fetishism itself seems to be the result of two major sources. First, the fetish may be associated with a particular sexual object or style that is possessed by someone who is sexually attractive. In this case it is a particular perfume of hairstyle that the fetishist has seen or smelled on a sexually attractive individual that would cause him or her to be attracted to the same article later. Second, there is the insecure man who, for fear of rejection, uses the object to substitute the real thing. Because he can not have her lock of hair he generalizes his search so that any lock of hair will do. His original natural interest soon becomes deviation to his new hobby.      For the most part, the fetishists that engage in illegal or “perverted” acts to fulfill their fetish usually fight the impulse to so it but find it irresistible. The connection between the action and sexual satisfaction is usually not understood but if it is the fetishist becomes embarrassed or ashamed.      The treatment for severe cases of fetishism is to try and help the fetishist alter his reactions to
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