Fetus Digestion in China: Folklore or Reality?

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FOETAL CANNIBALISM ; A PILL OF BEAUTY ?!! What and why? Confucius, the Chinese philosopher ever said ‘All people are the same; it’s only their habits that are different’. Why is it like that? At first point, one’s habit comes from their culture and it is obviously related to the background of the society. An easy sociological equation for it is, different background of society equals to different culture. According to E.B. Taylor,1913 culture as ‘that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, moral, custom, law and other capabilities and habits acquire by man as a member of society.’ His opinion about the definition of culture was agreed by the other sociologist as the most precise meaning compared to the rest. Since it was related to knowledge and belief, it is practise by some group of people for a reason. Yet, what about foetal cannibalism, it is rational for a society to allow and encourage people to do whatever they must do in order to be sexually desirable? In order to look young and beauty, they need to murder and the terrible part is to let themselves to be a cannibal, by consuming an innocent foetus. From Fruit Chan’s short film, Dumplings the three Asian directors had decided to unrevealed the most true culture to life scenario that contain many of the traditional elements, which is about the continuation of society’s perception on the invisible line between rejection of the abject and the assimilation of this culture into our

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