Feudalism And The Feudal System

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1. Q: When was the feudal system developed and why was it used extensively during the Middle Ages in comparison to past social systems?
A: Feudalism, short for the feudal system, has long reaching roots that can be best described as vague in its founding. Feudalism was first found in the 8th century when the Frankish kingdom practiced the act of passing fiefs to lords under the control on the king. When the Frankish kingdom attacked northern Italy, Spain, and Germany, the idea of feudalism spread with these conquests. The last large step in the diffusion of feudalism was in 1066 when the normans took it to England, which in turn allowed for feudalism to spread into Ireland and Scotland. The main reason why feudalism was used extensively
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3. Q: What were the differences of social and political powers between the multiple classes of medieval citizens under the feudal system?
A: Under feudalism, social and political power was completely regulated by the "power pyramid", which was an overarching system of power and put the Pope at the top, and the lowly peasants at the bottom. The pyramid can be described by the order of power from greatest to smallest, beginning with the Pope and the King, which gave control to nobles, then the nobles gave land to vassals, which then in turn gave land to knights for the protection of the lowest workers, known as the peasants or serfs("Feudalism Pyramid"). The nobles, vassals, and knights had the same political power in comparison to who the managed, for example, the nobles had power over the vassals, but vassals had power over the knights. Social status follows the same path as political power, knights were always higher than peasants, but vassals were higher in social status than knights, etc. The one class of feudalism that had no political power or social status were the serfs, which could best be described as forced labor, as they lacked the ability to leave the fief under the threat of death("The Middle Ages | Feudalism.").
4. Q: What would eventually mark the downfall of the feudal system and what impact did the
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