Essay on Feudalism and Capitalism

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Feudalism and Capitalism Economic processes are those involving the production and distribution of goods and services. However, they do not alone determine this production and distribution. There is an interrelationship of economic, cultural, environmental, and political processes that all help to shape each other. Nothing that we do can be defined as a single process, for it is the interaction itself that helps to produce the final results that we observe. To understand this more fully the following basic definitions may be of use: "Cultural Processes" are those that involve the creation and transfer of knowledge-the production of meaning. "Political processes" are those by which we establish and enforce rules, and they…show more content…
Films are important and useful tools for the analytical process that needs to take place when searching for the answers to the questions. "Films are understood to be, among other things, the product of a particular economic theory or set of theories (which can be contradictory), to teach particular theories (including economic theories), and to provide an objective for analysis using economic theory." (Professor Gabriel) It is with this in mind that the films of Matewan and Norma Rae are of importance to us when analyzing the concepts of "feudalism" and "capitalism," because they are films that contain in them examples from these two types of economic systems. While the concept of "unions" is prevalent in both films, the reasons for their existence and the results of their existence appear to be quite different, but important all the same. Thus, the films can also be used to help increase our understanding of the importance and the role of "unions" in society. John Sayles, the writer and director of Matewan, produces for the audience a true depiction of the West Virginian coal-mining community of 1920. At a surface-level viewing and examination of the film, many might be tempted to view the environment that is "created" as capitalist. After all, the workers do get paid for their services. However, upon a much deeper, more in-depth inspection one could argue that there is much evidence to
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