Fever Monologue

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Groggily, my eyes squint open. I feel a fever coming on, and I’m weak. This isn't the cliff side… where am I? I want to move but my muscles scream in protest. It’s even a huge effort to open my eyes all the way, and process where I am. The forest… Im at the tree line. But how… “How do you feel?” A strangely familiar voice asks. My eyes roll back into my head. The fever is getting worse. “Aw- awful.” I slur. My tongue feels like cotton balls, I need water. “Here.” Something touches my shoulder. Weakly, I open my eyes just a crack. A hand is holding a canteen, but my arms refuse to move and take it. “I- I can’t-” I start wheezing. “The fever… I can’t move…” The figure moves in front of me, all I can make out is a black cloak. But I recognize
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