Few Of The Themes Would Be Understanding The Idea About

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Few of the themes would be understanding the idea about love, sacrifice, patience, forgiveness, walking a journey together, union, accountability, stewardship, and being Christian and moral/ethical at the same time. How much of the background of the text is relevant and necessary to the sermon. Since the text has a lot of metaphorical language, like vine, and the male lover asking the woman to leave with him, this needs informational background to the scene/story of the text. In the traditional Indian cultural, people do not grow or drink wine at homes, which means growing or drinking wine is also not much appreciated in their culture, in fact is prohibited as a cultural rule. Additionally, the marriage proposals are not made by the…show more content…
In other words, he is offering her a marriage proposal. This on a pragmatic level, can also suggest that the bride would need to respect the groom’s cultural and family values, and vice versa. 1. Connect text and context for the present: - Does the text offer a word of grace (good news) to the situation and the persons most affected or involved? Please explain fully how you arrived at your choice of good news. The good news is: God unites people in marriage who choose to pursue love. Since the situation involves occasion of marriage, and the good news emerges out of the text, the text is the voice of a beloved telling about her lover’s love for her and how he is inviting her into a new relationship. The text is not the voice or commandment of God, and in this instance, it is challenging to see where God is visible or heard in this song, particularly verses 10-14. This is also pointed out by The Interpreter’s Bible Commentary stating “God never once appears in it.” This is because the text is a monologue and not a dialogue. Since it is God who not only unites people in marriage, God also blesses the union of marriage. I did not want to state God “desires” people to be in a married relationship, for not all persons feel called to marriage. However, the bride and the groom chose to pursue each other’s
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