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Day 1: Had my first day today and it was very interesting. First I had an orientation where we went over general guidelines for interns at Viacom and then we signed some paperwork. Played some icebreaker games and got a crash course in all the entities that Viacom owns such as MTV, MTV2, VH1, Comedy Central, CMT, BET. After I met with JC, one of the research analysts for MTV and I got a tour of where I was working and met fellow employees and met my supervisor Mitchell. I then attended a meeting with the research, programming and creative insight teams where we discussed millennials (people aged 15-30) and their media consumption. We watched clips about certain shows that were going to be aired and whether or not millennials would watch…show more content…
Basically I had to find out the amount of people that were watching these games and then I had to create a powerpoint and make notes on the trends over the various networks and give insight to how we can get higher ratings for the MTV shows even when NBA playoff games are on. This took me the entirety of the day. Day 7: Today was a rather slow day. Monday, along with Tuesday, is one of the busiest days in the office considering all the ratings from Friday come in. I updated the NBA playoff report with the most up to date basketball game and tracked trends and gave insight to why ratings went up or down across the 2 stations that held the western and eastern conference finals, TNT and ESPN. Once I updated that, I did my daily input of programs into myevents. Then I did a mini-project regarding Punk’d and seeing the ratings along each of the 8 older seasons along with the newest 9th season. I tracked ratings from people between 12-24, along with ratings for women and men as subsets. After I ran that report, I was supposed to give insight to why the latter seasons of punk’d, arpund 2006 and 2007, did so poorly, and why MTV decided to bring back the series temporarily. After that I had about an hour left in my day so I checked the ratings from Friday for MTV and MTV 2. When I was done with that I was done for the day.

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