Fhe, Inc.

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FHE, Inc. Background Information FHE Inc. is a manufacturer of pumps and related fluid-handling equipment that supplies products used to transfer all types of liquids from paint to food products and pumps to various industries such as automobiles and appliances. FHE Inc. is a multimillion dollar company that is experiencing improved sales and profits over the last five years through aggressive new product introductions. Phil Thomas, VP for Corporate Development and Marketing is in charge of both Marketing and Engineering. FHE chose to do this in order to facilitate cooperation between Marketing and Engineering, particularly with new product introductions. With the marketing and engineering departments so integrated, many times it is…show more content…
3) Implementation Issues Some of the personnel are technologically challenged and cannot understand the use of the new technology for the new development process Purchase and implement new CAD-CAM system. With the new system, all three departments will be electronically coordinated, communication will become easier and more efficient and errors encountered in the past between engineering and manufacturing will be eliminated. This computerized system will also create a more speedy and efficient new product introduction cycle for FHE and eliminate many of the production problems it had been experiencing. 4. What steps should Donaldson take to improve the new product development process at FHE? Decrease the ambiguity of primary responsibilities delegated to each department by clearly outlining tasks and specific goals, increase the utilization of manufacturing department input by involving the Materials Manager in product design stage, create specific schedule for future projects and
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