Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Its Application Essay

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AIM: The aim of this topic is to define fiber reinforced concrete and its application, it important properties as well as it superior resistance to cracking. As a result of the ability of fiber to arrest cracks, the composites of fiber possesses an increased in tensile strength both at the first crack and at ultimate, especially under flexural loading, and the fibers can still hold the matrix together even after a lot of cracking.
 Introduction
Concrete is a structural material that is weak in tension and they also have brittle properties with a low tensile strength and strain capacity. Fiber reinforced concrete is known as one of the fastest segments in concrete which contain fibrous materials which increase the structural integrity. Fiber reinforced concrete can also be defined as a composite materials which is compose of aggregate, cement and discrete discontinuous fibers. Fibers include natural fibers, glass fibers, synthetic fibers and steel fibers. Fiber is developed recently in the early sixties and when it is added to concrete makes it to be consistent and isotropic in nature. The mode of failure of fiber reinforced concrete is either by bond failure between fiber and matrix or failure of the materials.
 The application area of fiber reinforced concrete is an old form of method which helps to improve the characteristics of construction materials. The recent applications include the addition of horse hair to reinforce plaster, asbestos to reinforce pottery and…

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