Fibrocystic Disease: A Case Study

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1- Fibrocystic changes of (FCC) : Fibrocystic changes, used to be called fibrocystic disease, the most common benign breast lesions, due to hormonal imbalance; the peak incidence is between 35 and 50 years of age and rarely before 25 years. The pathologic features: include fibrosis and cyst formation. Fibrosis is characterized by an increase in dense stromal fibrous tissue. When fibrosis predominates, this is called fibrous mastopathy. Cysts are common and are result from a distal duct obstruction. They vary in size from microscopic dilatation to several centimeters in diameter usually contain yellow to clear fluid. The cysts are lined by ductal epithelial cells, which often undergo apocrine metaplasia which characterized by enlargement
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