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Fibromyalgia…an invisible syndrome! Fibromyalgia is a mysterious ailment that influences all facets of its sufferer’s life. It hasn’t been that long ago when those receiving a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia were ridiculed, and the doctors doing the diagnosing were criticized. There was a perception that Fibromyalgia was a ‘waste basket’ diagnosis; given when no other explanation could be provided. It is for those, who remain attached to this perception, to which I write. Do you believe Fibromyalgia is over diagnosed? Do you believe people with this condition exaggerate their pain? Do you think their symptoms/pain is all in their head? Are these people simply hypochondriacs? Do you wonder if their pain is an excuse to obtain prescription…show more content…
Fibromyalgia is not a disease with a specific cause and recognizable symptoms, but rather a syndrome- a collection of signs, symptoms, and medical problems that tend to occur together but are not related to a specific, identifiable cause (NIAMS). Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is complex and multi-faceted. It affects numerous areas of a person’s life and its symptoms can interfere with their ability to carry on daily activities. Fibromyalgia impairs the joints and/or soft tissues resulting in severe & chronic pain; in this way it resembles arthritis. However, because it doesn’t cause inflammation or permanent damage to the joints, muscles, or other soft tissues, it is not considered a true form of arthritis (NIAMS). The many symptoms of FMS include sleep disturbances & unrestorative sleep; generalized morning stiffness; headaches; irritable bowel syndrome; painful menstrual periods; numbness, tingling, and/or weakness of the extremities; restless leg syndrome; temperature sensitivity; and sensitivity to loud noises, bright lights, touch, and even smell. One of the more challenging symptoms is “Fibro Fog”—an experience of confusion and forgetfulness, the inability to concentrate, and the loss of short-term memory. Although medical scientists are unable to determine the exact causes, they have concluded that Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a legitimate medical condition - a physiological

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