Ficial Language Of The United States

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An important debate going on here in America is whether or not English should be the

official language of the United States. I will be arguing this topic in disagreement. There should

not be an official language in America because minorities, like Hispanics, are beginning to grow.

The United States is supposed to be the country known for diversity, and this is something

America is beginning to lack. Gale Learning Center states that 36% of America is cultured, so

who's to say they should be the only ones to change their way of communication? The Gale

Learning Center also states that Mr.Gjertsen said, “Diversity is good for business.” Over time,

the amount of Hispanic, African American, and Asian people will grow. It even states in the

beginning of the Declaration of Independence that “all men are equal,” and back then, even still,

“equal” had a lot more to do with diversity. The language barrier in the United States is

beginning to become a big issue among both Americans and minorities.

One big issue with the people of America only speaking English is that dispatchers

cannot understand anyone speaking a different language. This will cause a backup and they will

not be able to respond to the situation fast enough. Language barriers also prevent someone of a

different language from reporting a criminal or describing a suspect to a crime. As a result of this

issue, an article from the Vera Institute of Justice states that Translating Justice was put into
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