Ficial Language Of The United States

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Since 97% of all Americans speak English, why is the government not making it the official language of the United States? (Mujica). A lot of people have been arguing about this topic for decades. So far, the American Congress has declined all the charges to make English the official language. The Congress claims that it may be an infringement of individual rights. Nevertheless, making English the official language of The United States will significantly benefit the American people. It will create a sense of union among the nation as well as help in decreasing legislative expenses.
One of the ways to promote unity in the United States is by declaring English as the official language. In 1846 Jacob Grimm, the forerunner of modern comparative and historical linguistics said, “A nation is the totality of people who speak the same language” (King 487). This statement implies that the language is a means of unifying people for a common culture and background, as well as a social and political force. Once English becomes the official language, it will bring Americans together and allow them to share a common culture. The importance of sharing the same language has been emphasized over the years. For instance, Norway has been separated from its union with Sweden because of the language, and the unification of Italy and Germany was also because of language (King 487). Thus, this reinforces the theory that people unite as one if they maintain opens lines of communication by using the
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