Fiction: A Fictional Narrative

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"Shawn listen to me." The words come out shaky as i watch shawn standing at the edge of the building.

"No Jenny what they say is true i should kill me self," he said while closing eyes" I don't deserve to live Jenny i don't deserve you or anything i have i'm just a waste of space here." he said shaking taking another step closer to edge,

"Shawn please don't do this i love you so much just get down from there i'm begging you shawn." i said "shawn if you jump i jump. " He looks at me,

"No you won't Jenny." he said as the wind started to pick up.

"But shawn you can't do this, what do think jumping of the building will solve everything it won't Shawn it will cause more problems just please come down from there." I cried holding on hand out for him to
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I heart is going 100 mph right now in fear for his life, "I Love you too Jenny." he said as a hards ind blows as the cement crumbles under his feet making him stumble backwards.

"Shawn..!" I screamed as he hold on the edge for his dear life, His body hanging down below me "Shawn I got you baby." my voice shaky i felt numb as i watch him dangle he looks down below him his eyes grow big in terror as he looks up to me again. his beautiful hazel eyes full of terror watch me as i attempt to pull him up.

"Never let me go Jenny." he whispered as one of his hands slipped my eyes widen.

"Shawn hold to me please." i begged as i tried to pulled him up, he took out a card from his pocket and left it on the edge.

"I'm sorry Jenny..." He whispered as his other hand slips ending
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