Fiction Essay - Young Goodman Brown and the Lottery

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A thorough analysis of Jackson’s “The Lottery” and Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” reveals that different literary elements, such as tone and setting, are used to convey the characters’ arrival at dark, sinister places. II. INTRODUCTION III. SHIRLEY JACKSON’S “THE LOTTERY” A. Setting the tone: Peaceful and relaxing B. Irony: Even though the mood is relaxing, there is a premonition of something bad to come C. Ending: The ending is implied IV. NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE’S “YOUNG GOODMAN BROWN” D. Setting the tone: feeling of something evil to come E. Symbolism i. Faith – the wife and commitment to Jesus ii.
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But “with excellent resolve for the future,” as many good intentions have, Goodman justifies his departure towards a purpose the reader is warned as “evil.”
In contrast to Jackson’s “The Lottery,” the tone and feeling of darkness is set almost immediately. Hawthorne’s style makes it easy for his readers to join the world of this story. The reader may actually begin to care about Goodman and then accompanies him even as he is joined on his journey by the strange and unsettling “grave” man.
Hawthorne also uses a lot of symbolism in his story. For example, Faith, the name of his wife, represents the love of his life and also his commitment to Jesus. Additionally, the symbolism of his journey into the forest can represent the journey of life. This symbolism builds with the motif of “deep into the forest,” which represents chaos, danger, and the unconscious mind. Further symbolism can be drawn from the second traveler’s staff, not only being a staff, but also bearing the likeness to a snake, the symbol of Satan in the Garden of Eden.
The dialogue between the two travelers continues in a tone that, while friendly, somehow suggests a secretive and dangerous hidden agenda. As the two travelers part, and the elder traveler meets the old dame, strange escalates into supernatural. The old dame addresses the male traveler as “your worship,” and takes his staff which “perhaps assumes life.” As they continue, the elder traveler, now clearly evil, encourages
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